2020 Data Themes

It’s January, which means you’ll see a ton of predictions about what’s going to happen in data this year. It’s also 2020, which means a few daring people will take a stab at what the next decade will look like. Predictions are a funny thing - you need to be correct...

Great Data Minds Interview – AWS vs GCP

Last month, the Ternary crew chatted with Great Data Minds about differences between AWS and GCP, as it pertains to data and machine learning. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of great questions were answered. The video interview is finally up. Check it out below....

Understanding BigQuery Pricing

TL;DR Queries in Google BigQuery are several times more expensive than the same queries in Amazon Athena.We discuss other BigQuery cost, performance and ecosystem advantages that can offset these higher costs. BigQuery is one of our favorite cloud big data warehouses....

Ternary Data works from…a climbing gym?!

Did you know that Ternary Data works from a a climbing gym?! It's true. One day after a climbing session at The Front Climbing Club, we camped out in their cafe to knock out a bunch of work. One day became many, and the cafe became our de facto office. We're...


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