We hope everyone is enjoying the hot (HOT) summer. Here are some fun data and tech related reads you’ll probably dig. But really, get outside. It’s summertime 🙂

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  • We need a safer systems programming language (Microsoft blog)
  • When a rewrite isn’t: rebuilding Slack on the desktop (Slack Engineering)
  • What is POSIX? Richard Stallman explains (OpenSource blog)

Ternary Data and Looker Team Up To Help Make Businesses More Intelligent

Ternary Data is happy to announce our partnership with Looker. This is a partnership that makes a ton of sense for a few reasons. First, we were Looker fans before we started Ternary. When people asked our recommendation for a business intelligence (BI) tool, we’d always suggest Looker to our employers, friends, and our friend’s bosses. We’ve always viewed Looker as best in class in the crowded space of BI tools.

Second, BI is the missing piece in Ternary’s end to end arsenal to provide best of breed data solutions to our customers. Looker fills this gap.

Lastly, Looker is now a part of the Google Cloud family.  Looker fills a big void in Google Cloud’s excellent data offerings. Before the purchase, the only real BI option with Google Cloud was Data Studio. While Data Studio is a great product that stands on its own, Looker kicks Google Cloud’s data business intelligence offering up several notches. Looker is enterprise grade.

Where does it go from here? Ternary will happily assist our clients with deploying Looker for their BI needs. Again, we are huge fans of Looker. And companies need the best BI tools. Looker aligns very well with the needs of our customers and Ternary’s approach of providing best-in-class solutions.

Please contact us if you are interested in Looker as a solution for your BI needs. We offer a variety of services, from assistance with evaluation to deployment support and training.

About Looker

Looker to is a “platform for data that easily integrates all of a business’s data and then allows it to be melded to specific work processes in a way where users can do more with it and solve higher-value problems.” – Frank Bien, Looker CEO.

Learn more at Looker.com


There’s a massive heat wave across much of the country. We suggest you stay inside your comfortable AC-cooled pad, and enjoy these data/tech reads. Best served with iced coffee or tea.

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Hope your weekend is going great. Here are some end-of-the-week data reads.

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Hope everyone is having a great July 4th extended weekend. Here are some great data/tech reads for your downtime.

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