There’s a massive heat wave across much of the country. We suggest you stay inside your comfortable AC-cooled pad, and enjoy these data/tech reads. Best served with iced coffee or tea.

  • Cloud TPU Pods break AI training records (Google Cloud Blog)
  • How to plan and execute your ML and DL projects (FloydHub)
  • Announcing Imply 3.0 (Imply Blog)
  • The New Ways Your Boss Is Spying on You (WSJ)
  • Big Data Is Still Hard. Here’s Why (Datanami)


Hope your weekend is going great. Here are some end-of-the-week data reads.

  • Five reasons why you can’t just “get another data scientist onto it” (Toward Data Science)
  • How To Bridge The Gap Between Customer Data And Analytics (Forbes)
  • Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless – Now Generally Available (AWS Blog)
  • Goodbye Hadoop. Building a streaming data processing pipeline on Google Cloud (Google Cloud Blog)


Hope everyone is having a great July 4th extended weekend. Here are some great data/tech reads for your downtime.

  • 5 frequently asked questions about Google Cloud Anthos (Google Cloud Blog)
  • Introducing a New Presto Scheduler to Improve Cache Reads by Up to 9x in RubiX (Qubole Blog)
  • Is Hadoop Dead? (Mark Litwintschik Blog)
  • Watchdog group Electronic Frontier Foundation warns people of the dangers of using Slack, the popular work chat app now worth $18 billion (Business Insider)


It’s that time of the week again. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the summer heat. Cool off with some iced tea and enjoy these data reads.

  • The BS-Industrial Complex of Phony A.I. – How hyping A.I. enriched investors, fooled the media, and confused the hell out of the rest of us (Reddit) – Note: The original article is somehow deleted. It was an awesome post that is now sadly missing 🙁
  • The Big Data Market Is Set to Skyrocket by 2022 (PCMag)
  • Using AWK and R to parse 25tb (Live Free or Dichotomize)
  • The little legacy code that could: a fable of software ownership (Circle CI)
  • Multicloud Strategies Are Important for Developer Ergonomics (The New Stack)

July 2019 – Utah Data Events

It’s summertime! With quite a bit of evening activities for a lot of people during the summer, it’s perfectly OK to skip out on meetups and similar events. But, if you’re itching to meet up with your fellow data peeps and learn a new thing or two, here are some awesome data events we recommend in Utah this month.