and Ternary Data have teamed up to help companies win with real time analytics. While streaming solutions have been around for a while, true real time analytics is incredibly difficult or impossible to do with traditional data technologies like data lakes and data warehouses. And while some solutions such as Cassandra and HBase handle real time transactions, they don’t necessarily work great for OLAP purposes.

Enter Imply. Based on Apache Druid (Imply is a core contributor of Druid), Imply offers security, alerting, and a full fledged analytics dashboard out of the box. Imply is amazing.

Ternary only works with best of breed data technologies, and we feel that Imply offers the absolute best solution when it comes to true real time analytics. Simply hook up your real time stream from Kafka, Kinesis, or another message bus, and start getting value from Imply’s real time analytics. Nothing else comes close.

What the heck is a data river? And haven’t we just started figuring out the data lake? While data lakes are great for batch data, the data river is a new paradigm that points to where the world is moving – real time streaming data. When you get down to it, a lot of data is simply a continuous stream. And data without analytics is…just data.

With the new partnership between Imply and Ternary, companies can now take their journey on the data river. Stop futzing around with substandard, duct-taped systems for your “real time” analytics. For a free trial of Imply, contact us today.