The Ternary crew had a busy week at Google Next 2019. We’ll be dropping some new original content very shortly about the announcements that caught our attention. In the meantime, enjoy these weekend data/technology reads.

  • How to do batch predictions of TensorFlow models directly in BigQuery (Towards Data Science)
  • Google launches an end-to-end AI platform (Techcrunch)
  • In His Debut As Google’s Cloud Leader, Thomas Kurian Emphasizes Partnerships, Playing Nice With Competitors (Forbes)
  • Google Cloud Unveils Slew of New Data Management and Analytics Services (Datanami)
  • Google Offers 7 Popular Open Source Data Projects as Managed Services (The New Stack)
  • Why a data scientist is not a data engineer (O’Reilly)
  • COUNT(*) MADE FAST (Cybertec)
  • Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2019 (Stack Overflow)