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Engineering for Intelligence

Get more value from your data.
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Why Ternary Data Is Different


Here's the cold reality - MOST DATA SCIENCE PROJECTS FAIL

Ternary Data are a group of “recovering data scientists” and veteran data engineers and who have firsthand experience with the challenges of succeeding with data. Companies choose us as their trusted advisor to guide them on their data journey, cut through the fog of data science, and get more value from their data. It's estimated that upwards of 85% of data science projects fail. We started Ternary Data to help companies start winning with data.


Get REAL ROI from your data 

Ternary Data is not just another data services firm. While many "data" services companies are a mile wide and an inch deep, Ternary Data strives for exceptional competencies in a few critical areas. We obsessively focus on helping our clients build a solid data foundation upon the 3 pillars of data engineering, data architecture, and DataOps.

Every step of the way, Ternary works with you to make sure your technical and financial objectives are being met. Let us be your guides along your data journey.

Our Model - The Three Pillars

Ternary engineers for intelligence. We offer a spectrum of services that rest on three main pillars of a solid data foundation.

Data Architecture

Data architecture is the blueprint for extracting value from your data. Ternary’s experienced and certified professionals navigate the labyrinth of modern data technologies to build cloud data infrastructure that solves your business problems in a scalable, secure, and cost effective manner.


Data Engineering

Move data pipelines, data warehouses, data lakes, AI/machine learning models, and data applications from conceptualization to reality. We assist you in rapidly delivering value to your business and customers.

Data Ops

Tear down the silos between people, business and technology to create a culture of continuous improvement. Evolve your processes, systems and models for lasting success with data.

Our Services

Architecture & Design

Understand what you have, and ways to improve. Your business runs on data. Take it seriously. Build your data architecture the right way.

  • Evaluation of existing data architecture and processes. Let's figure out where you are with your data stack.
  • Greenfield design of new data architecture.

Workshops & Trainings

Workshops and trainings specifically targeted to your workloads and real-world needs. No canned PowerPoint slides that will put your team to sleep after 15 minutes. Your team will gain valuable skills they can implement right away. We've had teams working using new technology on their workloads - in production - within 6 hours of our training.

  • Workshops and trainings on Google Cloud, AWS, or open source technologies. Please contact us to find out more about FREE one-day workshops on Google Cloud products.
  • Best practices in data engineering and DataOps.
  • Google Cloud certification preparation.

Implementation & Hands-On Data Engineering

Make your data architecture blueprint a reality. Or maybe just hire us to help with an existing workload. Either way, start seeing real world ROI from winning with data.

  • Proof of Concept. Lightweight, time-bounded and focused engagements. Valuable for testing out a new architecture or technology before deploying to production.
  • Production implementations. Where the rubber hits the road. Real users using real data infrastructure. Trust Ternary Data to make it work right the first time.
  • One-off workloads. Need some help with a specific workload? Let's get it done.

Retainer - Trusted Advisor

We can be your trusted advisor when you need advice on a particular data problem. Sign up for a pre-paid buckets of hours that you can use when you need assistance. Ternary Data is here to help get you quickly back on your feet.

Trusted By The Best Of The Best


The Ternary Story

Let’s face it – Winning with data in the real world is hard. It’s time to get back to basics. Learn more about how a group of "recovering data scientists" and veteran data engineers are helping everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies get more value from their data.

Latest News

Ternary is always up to something new. Check back here for the latest.


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