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Engineering for Intelligence

Get more value from your data.
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Why We're Different

Let’s face it. Data in the real world is hard. To make matters more difficult, there’s a ton of hype and confusion around how to approach data. Most data projects fail because companies don’t have the right strategy, resources or processes to cut through the hype. You're probably tired of hearing excuses. We can help you win with data.

Ternary Data is a data architecture consulting firm that helps you get the most value from your data. Why is Ternary Data different from other data firms?

Not another IT body shop. We work ourselves out of a job, and let you take control.

Ternary Data is not an IT body shop or staff augmentation. We help you maximize the effectiveness of your existing team and resources, in a very hands-on way. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, we’re ready to evaluate your strategy and architecture, get your people on the same page, and teach your team how to handle future problems without us.

We coach your team to win without us.

Winning with data is a full contact sport. Your data strategy and architecture must be coherent across your company. Breaking down silos is key. We take a hands-on collaborative approach with you and your team, from C-levels to engineers. We work with your leaders on data strategy, and translate this into a rock-solid architecture that will fit your current and future needs. From there, we coach your engineering and data team build and implement this architecture. Whether you need help with data strategy, architecture, or building, we’ve got you covered.

A thousand miles deep and an inch wide. We only do data.

While some data firms are a mile wide and an inch deep, we are a thousand miles deep and an inch wide. We stick to our extremely strong competencies in three core areas - Data Pipelines, Data Warehousing/Data Lakes, and Machine learning/AI Workflows. Our customers and partners widely regard Ternary Data as best-in-class in these areas.

Flat fee + Guaranteed Quality = No surprises

Our engagement model is extremely simple. We charge a flat fee and guarantee the quality of our work. You get peace of mind that you’re getting exactly what you pay for. No surprises. We want to make sure your experience with us is awesome at every step.

We meet you where you are in your data journey.

Get Advice

Need a second opinion on what to do and who to hire? As strategic advisors, we filter and translate claims by AI, machine learning and data vendors to separate smoke and mirrors from the real deal—so you don’t wind up with the wrong architecture. We partner with executives to reevaluate internal operations and determine a blueprint for building frameworks best suited for your organization.


Take Action

If you’re already clear on your vision and options, we can get super tactical. We’re big believers in the “teach a person to fish” approach to learning and doing. We pass on practical knowhow so you can excel without us, focusing training on key workloads to get you unstuck.

Break Down Silos

Skills and tools alone are not enough. Let’s remove common barriers to communication so that everyone—engineering, product, marketing, sales, customer success—work together to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Brands of all sizes trust Ternary, among dozens and dozens of others...


The Ternary Story

Let’s face it – Winning with data in the real world is hard. It’s time to get back to basics. Learn more about how a group of "recovering data scientists" and veteran data engineers are helping everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies get more value from their data.


Sharing thoughts on data trends in the marketplace and useful takeaways you can apply to your daily grind.

2020 Data Themes

It’s January, which means you’ll see a ton of predictions about what’s going to happen in data this year. It’s also 2020, which means a few daring people will take a stab at what the next decade will look like. Predictions are a funny thing - you need to be correct...

Great Data Minds Interview – AWS vs GCP

Last month, the Ternary crew chatted with Great Data Minds about differences between AWS and GCP, as it pertains to data and machine learning. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of great questions were answered. The video interview is finally up. Check it out below....

Let's Work Together

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Our Partners

Ternary Data has very high standards for its partners. We only work with strategic partners that we deem absolutely best in class, and operate according to our principles of customer fairness and transparency. If we partner with a company, rest assured you're dealing with the best in the business.